Overhead Tank Chiller

Overhead Tank Chiller

Instant Water Chiller

As the name suggests, Instant Water Chiller is a solution to your instant water cooling requirement. As these chillers provide cool water instantly, they are perfect for locations such as clubs, gymnasiums, saunas, spas and showers where instant water cooling is the primary requirement.

Unlike Overhead and Domestic chillers, this chiller is set up after the main reservoir tank. These have to be switched on a few minutes before cool water is required.


  • Range: 6, 12 & 17 TR
  • Pure polyester powder coated cabinet for UV protection
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Anti-corrosive hydrophobic fins for extended life
  • High efficiency scroll compressor
  • Microprocessor Controller with remote on/off switch
  • Compact design, smaller footprint
  • Plug-in type for faster installation

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