Air Cooled & Water Cooled Screw Chillers R22

High on reliability. Low on operating cost.

Blue Star, India’s preferred airconditioning company has been providing expert cooling solutions for over six decades. It is with this expertise Blue Star brings to you a wide range of air and water cooled Screw Chillers, manufactured at its ISO 9001 factory with world-class capabilities.

These chillers which operate on HCFC-22 refrigerant come in a quality range of eleven models varying from 75 TR-366 in the air cooled version. The condensers are designed for operation under a wide range of ambient conditions.

Due to lesser moving parts, these chillers are reliable and rugged. Further, with its automatic capacity control, it provides better efficiency under part loads making it ideal for varying load applications such as office spaces, hotels, hospitals, malls and multiplexes.

In short, these chillers offers you reliable, energy efficient performance year after year.


The BSC Series semi hermetic screw compressors incorporated in the chillers are manufactured by Handbell Precise Machinery Co. Ltd., Taiwan. Henbell follows state-of-the-art manufacturing processes which are ISO 9001 certified and use high precision machinery. Hanbell is one of the largest manufactures of such compressors and is widley used in chiilers in Europe including France, Germany and Italy.

The salient features of these compressors are:

  • Highly efficient with low noise levels
  • Tested in accordance with ARI Standards
  • Due to few moving parts such as male & female screws and slider value, these compressors have minimal wear and tear
  • Each compressor has the latest 5 to 6 patented profile design, with separate radial and axial force bearing, built-in oil separator, PTC motor winding protection, discharge temperature protection with its controller, oil level switch and oil diffferential pressure switch. This guarantees reliability and long life of bearings under heavy working, operating conditions.
  • Each compressor has capacity control from 25% to 100%, making it suitable for varying load applications and efficient under part load conditions. The capacity control also helps in limiting the starting current

Liquid Injection

The refrigerant suction gas cools the winding of the semi hermetic screw compressor motor. During part load operation where the suction gas circulation is less, as an abundant precaution, liquid refrigerant is injected to the suction side of the compressor to cool the motor winding temperature within limits. This is provided as a standard feature to enhance the life of the compressor.


The shell and tube evaporator has inner grooved copper tubes for better heat transfer. The tubes are designed to optimize for refrigerant and water velocities.

Control Centre

The control centre is mounted in the framework of the chiller. It is provided with an advanced microprocessor control panel which has unique features and advantages.

  • The cooler outlet temperature can be controlled accurately within a close tolerace of ± 0.5oF
  • In-built time delays for compressor single / phase reversal protection and anti freeze protection
  • Password protection at two levels.

Following features are available in Air Cooled Version:


Refrigerant liquid to liquid plate type heat exchanger is provided for the economizer system. The liquid refrigerant is sub cooled to enhance the capacity therby reducing power consumbtion (IKW/TR) and enhancing the Coefficient of performance (COP).

Oil Cooler

Effective lubrication of bearing depends on the viscosity of lubricant,which in turn depends on the oil temperature. To ensure effective lubrication for longevity, oil cooler is provided as a standard option.

Air Cooled Condenser

The air cooled condenser coils uses copper tubes and aluminimum fans. The inner grooved type copper tubes used in the condenser provide increased surface area for better heat transfer. Hydrophobic coated aluminium fins and condender coil protection guards are available as optional items.

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